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  • Aerial Diamond Bracelet

    A truly dazzling design, the Aerial Diamond Bracelet holds more than ten carats of perfectly cut diamonds in a chic, yet timeless style. The illusions of marquise diamonds are gathered together to create a unique and bold look, with subtle butterfly motifs also found throughout.

    Aerial Diamond Bracelet

  • Aerial Diamond Line Bracelet

    For a woman looking for a classic diamond line bracelet, yet wants a style that stands out, the Aerial Diamond Line Bracelet is the perfect solution. A combination of marquise illusions and round diamonds grace this beautiful bracelet, with a diamond butterfly motif covering the clasp for even more sparkle.

    Aerial Diamond Line Bracelet

  • Beloved Bracelet

    A beautiful match to the Beloved Necklace, or any Hearts On Fire diamond jewelry, the Beloved Bracelet is like no other. Beautiful clusters of diamonds in subtle floral shapes radiate from this classic line bracelet style ��� resulting in a timeless, yet modern look.

    Beloved Bracelet

  • Beloved Line Bracelet

    For classic sparkle on your wrist, look no further than the beautiful Beloved Line Bracelet. A new addition to this bestselling design, this diamond bracelet beautifully displays more five carats of perfectly cut diamonds in an elegant and timeless style.

    Beloved Line Bracelet

  • Copley Tassel Diamond Bracelet

    A unique and dazzling design, the Copley Tassel Diamond Bracelet holds more than eight carats of perfectly cut diamonds in a chic, yet timeless style. The round diamonds are gathered together to create a bold and timeless look that will be loved by all.

    Copley Tassel Diamond Bracelet

  • HOF Teardrop Halo Line Bracelet

    The elegant illusion of the pear shape is on full display with the HOF Teardrop Halo Line Bracelet. This design takes on the classic line bracelet and adds the sophisticated element of the pear shape to create big sparkle.

    HOF Teardrop Halo Line Bracelet

  • Illa Cosmic Diamond Bangle

    Reminiscent of a shooting star, the Illa Cosmic Diamond Bangle is comprised of perfectly cut Hearts On Fire diamonds and is the perfect statement piece for any woman who wants to truly stand out.

    Illa Cosmic Diamond Bangle

  • Lorelei Ribbon Diamond Bracelet

    This beautiful, classic diamond line bracelet is both versatile and stunning. Wear it alone or stacked with other bracelets to add immediate sparkle to any outfit.

    Lorelei Ribbon Diamond Bracelet

  • Solitude Diamond Bracelet

    The clean lines of this simple bangle is beautifully embellished with a dazzling perfectly cut diamond. An original piece of Hearts On Fire�۪s Sabrina� Collection, this classic bangle continues to be a best seller for over 10 years. It�۪s the perfect bangle to stack with other bracelets or it can be worn alone for a more refined look. This diamo...

    Solitude Diamond Bracelet

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