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Beyond the Four C’s: How to Select the Perfectly Shaped Engagement Ring

May 9, 2017

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is one of the most important decisions you may ever have to make! And with so much to consider, from cut to clarity, cost to style, it can seem like an uphill battle just navigating today’s enormous selection of engagement rings.

Relax! We at Grand Jewelers are happy to guide you through the complex maze of engagement ring shapes. Below, we’ve profiled the season’s hottest cuts—and how to ask for them.

First, consider the Princess Cut diamond, simultaneously modern and classic, sleek and organic. The Princess Cut features a square or rectangular shape, and works well in unusual, asymmetrical settings, since its clean lines bring structure to any curve. For a true Princess Cut, look for diamonds with 90-degree internal angles on each corner – and if you aren’t sure what to look out for, ask! If the purveyor doesn’t seem to know, move on – engagement rings are hefty investments, meant to be worn for a lifetime. Never skimp on quality when it comes to such an important purchase.

Pear Shaped Diamonds are enjoying a Renaissance as today’s brides-to-be sport the tear-shaped stone on their hands this season. Evocative of raindrops, Pear Shaped diamonds suit earrings and necklaces as well as rings; the natural curvature of the stone, paired with the dramatic point on one end, subtly catches the eye. For those with smaller hands, Pear Shaped diamonds can also create a lengthening effect, in essence elongating the shape of the fingers. And Marquise Diamonds, those eternal classics, are long, narrow, and pointed on two ends – some call them “eye-shaped.” Marquise Diamonds demand precise cuts in order to draw out the sparkle of the stone, and look lovely set between other, smaller gemstones.

For simple elegance, consider the Round Brilliant Diamond, whose shape will endure as trends come and go. Perfect Round Brilliant Diamonds require 58 facet cuts, and are the most popular of diamond shapes – roughly eighty percent of the finished diamonds sold in the United States are Round Brilliant Diamonds. Oval Diamonds are also uniquely appealing, displaying elegant symmetry. For those with smaller hands, Oval Diamonds work well; Ovals are also renowned for their brilliant sparkle. Some men prefer to wear Oval Diamonds, whose smaller, narrow shape diverges from more traditionally rounded cuts.

If you’re in search of something whimsical and affectionate, peruse Heart Shaped Diamonds for the hopeless romantic in your life. Heart Shaped Diamonds are commonly exchanged on Valentine’s Day – especially when that day coincides with a proposal! Strong outlines and an even shape complete the Heart Shaped Diamond, whose cut will inspire spontaneous acts of romance for decades to come. Trilliant Diamonds also make for intriguing engagement rings if an unusual shape is what you’re after; Trilliant Diamonds, the “Egyptian Pyramid of Diamonds,” are triangular in shape, with over forty facets on the crown and pavilion. Ideally, all angles of the Trilliant Diamond are equal; this ensures symmetry, and will garner a higher price.

Finally, for something enduring, consider a Radiant Cut Diamond, which boasts 61 facets and typically features a length that’s about one and a half times its width. Radiant Cut Diamonds, square or rectangular in shape, combine the brilliance of a rounded diamond with the elegance of the Emerald Shaped Diamond, whose iconic cut can be seen in diamonds dating back centuries. And the Cushion Cut Diamond should never be overlooked; this antique-styled cut boasts large facets, which draw sparkle, luster, and brilliance from the stone when exposed to light. Otherwise known as the “Pillow-Cut” Diamond, Cushion Cut-styled engagement rings are easy to wear, classic in style, and sparkly to a satisfying degree.

It might take a little searching, but you’re bound to find the engagement ring that’s perfect for your future life-partner. Remember: Good things come to those who wait, so be patient with the market – and yourself – as you learn about diamonds and their myriad cuts. And keep in mind that diamonds are, first and foremost, about beauty and visual pleasure—so learn all you can, feast your eyes on some of the world’s sparkliest stones, and do your best to enjoy the ride!


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