Current Trends in Gold by Grand Jewelers

Current Trends in Gold Jewelry

September 1, 2018

Gold is classic. Gold is your father’s sturdy wedding band. Gold is your grandmother’s heirloom brooch. Gold is your favorite pair of hoop earrings. We at Grand Jewelers love gold because it holds the sentimentality of fashion and timeless emotion. Our gold collections focus on both the newest trends and oldest classics. Recently though, we were wondering, what are the current trends in gold? What is today’s fashion world saying about this beautiful material?

While it’s hard to go wrong with gold, there are certain gold jewelry looks that are taking over the market. As many of you know, gold can be rose, yellow, or white in color. These alterations are accomplished through mixing classic gold with other alloys and thus resulting in beautiful variations. One of the newest trends in gold jewelry is to take advantage of the different gold colors available and mix them. This mixing could be a few different pieces of jewelry worn together, or be the inclusion of multiple types of gold in one piece. Similarly, gold jewelry these days will often pair different styles of finishing. Statement jewelry is all the rage, and mixing matte and polished finishes in one piece will truly be eye-catching. A third trend in the gold jewelry world is a diversity of geometric shapes. Whether in a necklace, a ring, or a pair of earrings, using squares mixed with spheres mixed with hexagons will truly mark you as fashion forward. Using nature as an inspiration when creating gold jewelry is growing in popularity as well. Animals, trees, and even ocean themed pieces are everywhere. Finally, combining gold, whether rose, yellow, or white, with gemstones remains a truly elegant display for a night out.

The current trends in gold vary in some central qualities: architectural structure, organic inspiration, degree of boldness, amount of statement, symbolism, and intimacy. At Grand Jewelers, we try to know, share, and support the latest trends in gold fashion. We love this classic metal and all it has to offer to those who wear it. Our collections are made with both fashion and timelessness in mind. We would love to help you find the perfect piece of gold jewelry for you.

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