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Fireworks and Rubies—Happy July!

June 28, 2016

Happy birthday to all those born in July! Grand Jewelers celebrates July birthdays by honoring the birthstone of this month – the Ruby. Just like a firework exploding in light and beauty across the sky on July 4th, the ruby bursts with glamour and elegance. With the highest per-carat price of any colored gemstone, the ruby truly is exceptional.

When it comes to rubies, color is everything. The deeper the red color of a ruby, the more valuable it is, and the more chromium present, the deeper red it will be. Rubies typically form in marble and the ideal coloring is described as a medium-dark red, also known as blood-red. Said to be the stone of nobility, the ruby adds a bit of fire to any piece of jewelry. A ruby set in white gold or silver creates a very different look than one set in classic yellow gold, but both stand out with beauty. At Grand Jewelers, we offer rubies on almost all of the kinds of jewelry we sell. Bracelets adorned with rubies alternating with diamonds, emerald cut ruby earrings, pear-shapes pendant ruby necklaces, and yellow gold ruby rings are just a few pieces within our collection.

The ruby is known as the stone of nobility, magnificence, success, and prosperity. As a representation of vitality and purity, there is no better way to celebrate a July birthday than with this precious birthstone. By bestowing a beautiful ruby piece of jewelry upon a loved one, a friend, or a partner, you are celebrating the fire of their spirit and the passion of their life.

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