Give a special anniversary gift

Give the gift of tradition, with a twist!

April 5, 2016

So it is that special time again, your anniversary. You have run through most of your great ideas for gifts for your loved one and are almost out of ways to outdo yourself. Let Grand Jewelers help you out. We suggest the tradition of anniversary gifts based on the year. Each memorable year has an associated material, and when you give your love a present involving it you will have good luck for years to come. When you embrace this established tradition, you are adding meaning to any gift and starting a fun new tradition that you and your spouse can look forward to upholding.

For the first 15 years of a marriage, there are well-established gifts that you can follow, from there on, every 5 years comes another meaningful item. The traditional materials recognized in the U.S. for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th anniversary, in order, are paper, cotton, leather, silk, and wood. While there is an assortment of more obvious ideas for each of these, we at Grand Jewelers think you should get a little creative. For paper, make your special someone a journal with notes strewn within it from you and perhaps a hidden white gold bracelet. For cotton, get a custom photo or quote pillow and hang a beautiful diamond necklace over it. For leather, try a personalized keychain connected to a glamorous set of bangles. For silk, give your love a silk scarf matched with a pair of earrings. And for wood, try a unique wooden jewelry stand garnished with diamond pieces already.

For those of you who have been together longer already, maybe you have hit 25 years and are ready for a gift made of silver, maybe it has been 45 years and a sapphire is in order. Maybe for some of you searching for the perfect gift, you are celebrating 50 full years of devotion and trust, and this deserves something gold. We at Grand Jewelers would be honored to help you select something nice to go the extra step with an earlier anniversary gift. Or, if it is decades that you need to represent, we have the gold, silver, and jewels that will make this special anniversary gift even more personalized and unique, for we know that your loved one deserves all the traditions with a special twist.

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