Grand Jewelers Celebrates 40 Years in Business

Grand Jewelers Celebrates 40 Years in Business

October 12, 2022

Grand Jewelers is thrilled to celebrate 40 years in business in the U.S. Virgin Islands. These past few decades have gifted us with many precious memories. Memories that are arguably rarer than the custom pieces we have designed throughout the years.

Our St. Thomas store was founded in 1982 by five brothers that valued family above all else. In fact, since our inception, we have crafted our business with the intention of turning customers into friends. 

As we expanded to our St. Maarten location, our commitment remained the same. The legacy we leave behind at Grand Jewelers is not in the jewelry, but in the bonds we have with one another. 

Current owner Navin says, “My father has sold to his clients from the 80s, and then I got to sell to their children in the 90s and 2000s. I now sell to the grandchildren. It is amazing to be the family jeweler for so many generations.” 

We have watched Grand Jewelers evolve from a jewelry business to the home of life-long friendships. 

The Grand Promise

“Through hard work and conducting business in a fair and ethical manner, I truly believe we will be rewarded,” says Navin. And that, we have.

The team here at Grand Jewelers regularly travels throughout the world to make sure that we have the finest selection of jewelry to appeal to everyone’s tastes. From gemstone cuts to available stones and styles, we have served our community with authenticity and top-tier quality.

In the store, we often end up rallying around our customers to celebrate their special moments. People come in big groups of friends and family and the store turns into one big party where everyone is enjoying drinks and someone walks away with a beautiful new piece of jewelry in their hands.

In fact, we have been awarded multiple times over the years as the number one jeweler on the island by both TripAdvisor and Google Reviews.

Although we have been grateful to be recognized for our diligent work and jewelry services with these accolades, our most important achievement has been giving back to the community. Whether it’s tourists who visit our island or those who call this place home, we aim to make it a memorable experience for all. 

To the USVI Community & Beyond

“Hitting 40 years in business is a milestone in itself,” says Navin. With so many years in business, we are proud to have become a pillar in our community. 

Navin is a Board Member of the local Chamber of Commerce as well as the Vice President of the Indian Association. “The USVI is my home, and the more I can contribute to my community and watch our community succeed, it leads to the success of not only my business but our entire business community.”

If there is one thing we have learned in our 40 years of Grand, it is that adversity is unavoidable. From losing our father in 2001 to the two devastating hurricanes in 2017 to a global pandemic in 2020, our family has weathered quite the storm – both personally and professionally. 

Our biggest takeaway is that our community will stand beside us, just as we’ve stood beside them. Our team has been invited to dozens of our customers’ weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

When our island was thrown into disarray or we were unable to embrace our clients with hugs, people all over the world show us their love and support. Navin says, “A problem will always happen. How you deal with the problem is most important. My father taught me that every problem always has a solution no matter how difficult it may be.”

For us, that solution has always come back to all of you.

Custom-making jewelry is an art form that takes time and patience. And yet, we labor with love to create these pieces for you. Unique, custom jewelry that is designed with one person in mind, to tell one singularly beautiful story.

Watching our clients wear their grand jewelry with huge smiles on their faces fills us with a sense of purpose. “My biggest happiness is, of course, putting a smile on so many people’s faces with their new jewels, but most importantly creating so many special relationships.”

Looking Ahead

As we take the time to celebrate our 40th anniversary with you, we give way to the future. We, of course, hope to continue to see our business grow. More importantly, we hope our family of Grand Jewelers clients grows so that we may share many more special memories with them.

May we can continue to sell to future generations of Grand Jewelers shoppers, and may you continue to look to us for all your fine jewelry and custom accessories needs.


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