“If you are looking for friendly staff, great prices and excellent customer service, Grand Jewelers is the place. Been coming here for years and won’t buy my jewelry anywhere else!”

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“If you are looking for friendly staff, great prices and excellent customer service, Grand Jewelers is the place. Been coming here for years and won’t buy my jewelry anywhere else!”

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“If you are looking for friendly staff, great prices and excellent customer service, Grand Jewelers is the place. Been coming here for years and won’t buy my jewelry anywhere else!”

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Celebrating Wedding Month

Grand Jewelers Celebrates Wedding Month

July 1, 2018

Summer is wedding season, and at Grand Jewelers, that makes it one of our favorite times of year. Nothing beats reflecting on the love in the lives of our wonderful employees and our customers. This summer season we would like to share and celebrate the stories of that special day when a couple gets engaged, and decides to spend the rest of their life together. This month, Grand Jewelers staff is sharing their unique engagement stories. From the ring itself, to the location they popped the question, to the emotions that warmed their hearts, for summer 2018, we are celebrating engagements!

Raj’s Story
I was thirty years old and in the city of Pune, India when I proposed to my now wife. What I remember beforehand was how excited I was. I just knew, in my heart of hearts, that this woman was the one for me. Looking back, I don’t remember any signs or a particular moment when I knew I wanted to propose. There was nothing else I needed to convince myself I was doing the right thing – I just knew that we were in love. Ah yes, the ring was special. It was a family heirloom given to me by my mother. Some might describe it as modest, with a half-carat diamond in the center, but it meant the world to me that I was able to give it to the woman I love. When I proposed, I remember feeling truly special. I had no doubt in my mind that I would be the happiest man alive in getting to spend my life with her.

Sanjay’s Story
I met my wife Nisha at a Christmas party. After two months of dating, we both knew that we were meant for each other. The engagement for me was the beginning of a new and wonderful chapter in my life. I was 25 years old and I proposed to her right here in St. Thomas. I actually picked out a ring from the Grand Jewelers store. I can still picture it shining in the case when I close my eyes – a 0.75 carat princess-cut diamond ring. We had maybe one hundred other rings throughout the store at the time. But this was the one for my Nisha. On the day I proposed, I felt so nervous, and I can still remember how badly I missed my parents back in India, and how much I wanted them to be there. I also knew how wonderful it was to be starting a new family of my own.

Deep’s Story
It only took three months of us dating for me to know that I wanted to marry my wife. She won me over with her habit of selflessness. At least that’s how I can describe it. She would give to others constantly, without ever expecting anything in return. That’s how I knew I wanted to spend my life with her. Of course, I was nervous. I mean, I was about to make a life-long commitment. But as it got closer, more than feeling nervous, I felt special. I was 26 and we were in St. Maarten, back when it was one of the five islands in the Netherland Antilles, when I proposed to her. I must say, the ring was something. I had it specially made for her in New York City. It was a three-stone Tiffany ring, with a solitaire in the center and trillion-cut stones on either side. Beautiful ring. I will never forget convincing her to marry me, and the way it felt when she accepted and agreed to be my life partner.

Varsha’s Story
I was 21 years old and in Bangalore, India when I got engaged. My story is a little different, because my engagement was arranged by my parents, as was the cultural custom. I was definitely a little nervous because this was my first time meeting him, and he was my parents’ choice. But, I trusted my parents and knew that they would only want the best for me, so I was also excited. Even though I met him on the day of our engagement, and it was technically our first date, I felt right away that he was the one for me. Looking back on my engagement, the ring is not what I remember most, although he did have good taste. What stands out to me is my husband’s compassionate nature. My family was so happy for us and love filled the room. Our first date that night after we got engaged was the best evening for me and a wonderful memory to be able to share.

Reshma’s Story
When I got engaged I was 25 years old. He proposed to me in my house in Mumbai. All I remember is being both happy and nervous at the same time, like the good kind of nervous. There wasn’t exactly a sign that told me was going to propose, but I knew I wanted to marry him when I realized that all I wanted was to be with him. When I saw that I wanted to spend all of my happiest and my saddest moments by his side, I knew that I wanted to marry him. The engagement ring was a solitaire with a circle of love design and a band alongside. My husband chose it for me and it was beautiful. Looking back now, the best part of my engagement for me is that it brought together everyone in our families in agreement. You see, our marriage was an inter-caste marriage, which wasn’t common at that time. We were so happy to see the families of two different castes, of two different lifestyles and opinions, coming together and be so happily united. Just after our engagement, my husband was planning to take a trip to the U.S.A. I was so nervous and excited for the wedding that every day until he left I would ask him to promise me that he would come back. He of course did!

Suhani’s Story
I got engaged to my husband in Penang, a state in northwest Malaysia, when I was 27 years old. Our love grew across a long distance. We had been talking on the phone with each other for more than six months. He travelled twice by taking multiple buses across a six-hour journey from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, just to visit me. Over those months my feelings developed into love for him. My parents had no idea that we had even met until the day we got engaged! Before the engagement I would say I was nervous, helplessly in love, and very, very happy. It was all I had ever wanted and I cared for him so much. He picked out the ring he used to propose. When I picture that day, I remember the sweet taste of the carrot juice we shared together at a hotel right there in Penang and how the first romantic movie we saw together was Superman. And all the wonderful memories together since!

This month, the Grand Jewelers team celebrates the love that we’ve experienced in our lives through our engagement stories. You may have your own beautiful engagement stories to tell, you may be sharing an incredible moment as we write our own, or perhaps your engagement story is waiting to unfold! Wherever you are in life, each of us at Grand Jewelers wish you a beautiful wedding season and a wonderful start to the summer. Happy July, and cheers to the memories!

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