Ignite Something, Hearts on Fire Campaign

Ignite Something, Hearts on Fire Campaign

November 9, 2015

Hearts on Fire has announced a new, global platform, dubbed Ignite Something! This re-branding initiative aims to redefine the relationship customers have to diamonds and diamond jewelry. The gist? Redefining luxury. Ignite Something wants to reach out to the millennials, who have come to view owning a diamond as something completely different from the older generation. The young adults of today want nothing to do with traditional norms and have learned to do things by their own terms. The Hearts on Fire Ignite Something campaign strives to broaden the audience that Hearts on Fire appeals to, by incorporating the new traditions being formed.

The new Ignite Something images promote the unfinished story. Hearts on Fire wants the younger generation to view these advertisements and fill in the blanks with a story they can relate to. The title, Ignite Something, is meant to spark appreciation for what a perfect diamond can bring to any individual who wears one. Every diamond has a story, and that story is meant to make you feel beautiful and appreciated. From bigger moments, like an engagement, to smaller moments, like getting dressed for an event, Hearts on Fire believes that every moment is incredible, and can be marked as such with an incredible piece of jewelry.

An increased focus on design, a greater presence on social media platforms, and the Ignite Something campaign all play into a new battle cry being put out to the younger generation. Ignite Something aims to unite consumers globally. Diamonds are a timeless feature of jewelry, but as with anything, the way in which they get their meaning changes with time. Therefore, so must the advertising. Ignite Something speaks to the generation now forming our new diamond audience, and they are looking for something new. The millennial generation marches to the beat of their own drum, and cannot be bought on wealth alone—they need significance. Well, the Hearts on Fire Ignite Something campaign suggests that every diamond has a story. Every person deserves a diamond to make their story incredible.

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