How to Surprise a Loved One with a Jewelry Gift that They Love from Grand Jewelers

How to Surprise a Loved One with a Jewelry Gift that They Love

October 1, 2018

Buying your loved one jewelry is maybe the most classic way to show how much you care. It is hard to fail when getting a jewelry gift for the person you adore. But after choosing a piece that they will love, how do you truly surprise them? At Grand Jewelers, we love jewelry, and even more, we love being a part of giving a gift that rep...

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Current Trends in Gold by Grand Jewelers

Current Trends in Gold Jewelry

September 1, 2018

Gold is classic. Gold is your father’s sturdy wedding band. Gold is your grandmother’s heirloom brooch. Gold is your favorite pair of hoop earrings. We at Grand Jewelers love gold because it holds the sentimentality of fashion and timeless emotion. Our gold collections focus on both the newest trends and oldest classics. Recently thoug...

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Grand Jeweler's look at the history of jewelry including Marilyn Monroe helping 'A Diamond is Forever' campaign

Jewelry in Trends: A Glittering History

August 1, 2018

Much has changed in the past century when it comes to jewelry trends – but it’s fascinating to observe what’s remained the same. Some of the twentieth century’s most impressive pieces can still be spotted on the necks, ears, and arms of today’s hottest celebs – but just as certain styles endure, there are always the pieces that flop, n...

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Celebrating Wedding Month

Grand Jewelers Celebrates Wedding Month

July 1, 2018

Summer is wedding season, and at Grand Jewelers, that makes it one of our favorite times of year. Nothing beats reflecting on the love in the lives of our wonderful employees and our customers. This summer season we would like to share and celebrate the stories of that special day when a couple gets engaged, and decides to spend the re...

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