One For You, One For Me, Two For Us

One For You, One For Me, Two For Us

March 22, 2016

The Twogether Collection is now available at Grand Jewelers. We are thrilled about this unique and spirited selection of jewelry. Twogether is more than just a play on words—it is the representation of two people growing together as one. Each piece contains two perfectly constructed diamonds. Each of the diamonds symbolizes the love of each individual in a relationship, and the final piece that results illustrates the deepening love that they share. Every time you look to buy a gift for your love, you are looking for a masterpiece, something to really show what they mean to you. Well, look no further than the Twogether Collection at Grand Jewelers.

Each diamond found in the Twogether Collection is crafted with masterful talent and starts with the highest of quality material. Each ring, earring, and pendant is casted in 14KT gold, and every diamond is carefully selected by hand and guaranteed to meet the cut, clarity, and color standards that you have come to expect from Grand Jewelers. The handcrafted, precise, and breathtaking detail in all of the jewelry in the Twogether Collection could not be more perfect to represent the romance you feel each and every day with your loved one. Using a microscope to handset each diamond, the Twogether master setter begins the final stages of the masterpiece. We think you will agree that each Twogether design is the best symbol of your love out there.

Stop in at either our St. Maarten or St. Thomas Grand Jewelers locations to check out the Twogether Collection pieces that we have available and to hear more about the specifics of the Twogether items. We offer rings, earrings, and pendants for you to choose from, with or for your loved one. Wear a piece from the Twogether collection with pride, knowing that the beauty and glamour that it holds symbolizes the unique and unparalleled love between you share.



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