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Sensational Silver: The Metal of the Moon

November 21, 2016

Silver, with its soft designs, lunar glow, and easy functionality, is one of the most graceful of metals. Elegant, feminine, and organic-looking, silver adds glisten to any look, casual or formal. Hollywood celebrities and college students alike are sporting silver all over town in the form of bangles, hoop earrings, and diamond rings. This adaptable metal looks beautiful intertwined with gold, and enhances everything from ruby and sapphire to turquoise, diamond, and pearl.

Hundreds of years before Christ, silver was being used as currency around the world. The metal of the moon, silver is legendary, appearing in numerous ancient mythologies. Artemis, Greek Goddess of the Hunt, rode a silver chariot across the night skies. The book of Genesis mentions silver, and Hippocrates claimed that silver had healing qualities, effectively fending off bacteria and disease. Silver has funded wars, sealed unions, and adorned the crowns and thrones of royalty for millennia. Singular as one of our world’s most fundamental, practical metals, silver continues to dazzle to this day.

Boasting a greater reflectivity than even gold, silver can take a high level of polish and is commonly used to coat mirrors. Plus, silver’s reflective properties work to bring out the luster in jewels and gemstones around the world. Silver is an excellent jeweler’s metal because it’s highly malleable yet extremely durable. Today’s sterling rings, for example, boast delicate, exquisite patterns – suitable even as wedding bands. Silver gains shine and luster with wear, so you won’t have to worry about dulling or erosion over time.

At Grand Jewelers, we feature a range of wearable silver art. Our Rhythm of Love Silver and Yellow Gold Diamond Pendants are classic yet distinctive, marrying cool silver with warm gold and sparkling stones. Silver droplet earrings inlaid with diamonds round out the look. Our exquisite Silver Diamond Two-Stone Rings make enduringly lovely engagement bands, and the sleek sheen of the Silver Diamond Two-Stone Cross Pendant will adorn her neck for years to come. Serving the Virgin Islands and beyond, Grand Jewelers brings its thirty-plus years of experience to the table, ushering the world’s finest silver into our showroom again and again. But don’t take our word for it: Visit our island locations or our website for our complete selection of silver.

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