Setting Your Mind on the Perfect Ring

Setting Your Mind on the Perfect Ring

May 10, 2016

Engagement rings are all about the diamonds, right? Wrong. Okay, we agree, the diamond plays a big part. However, what really creates the look of the diamond, what gives it the chance to stand out, is the setting. Similar to the foundation of a beautifully designed structure, any ring needs a well-designed setting on which to be built. The goal of this post is to provide the Grand Jeweler’s readers with some information regarding just this topic. We believe that there are many levels at which an engagement ring can be appreciated, so let’s start with the basics—the setting.

The center gemstone of your engagement ring is the center of attention. Choosing the setting type will determine how your ring is showcased and ensure that it stays firmly in place. Furthermore, depending on whether or not you have a more or less active lifestyle, you might want to choose a particular setting with more or less exposure to the elements.

We will detail 8 different setting styles:

  1. The Basket – This type of setting holds the central gem with basket shaped prongs that allow the most amount of light to shine through.
  2. The Trellis – This setting uses interwoven prongs, also in a basket shape, with a little more elegance and style.
  3. The Bezel – The bezel setting has a complete border around the central gem and provides a more secure hold.
  4. The Semi-Bezel – This setting is similar to a standard bezel except that the border does not encircle the entire gem, but only remains on the two sides of the gem connecting to the ring. This provides more protection while also optimizing incoming light.
  5. The Cathedral – Just like the structure itself, the cathedral setting uses archways to support the gem, tapering up to hold the stone at its center.
  6. The Halo – This type of setting forms a circle around the center gem of smaller accent gems.
  7. The Three Stone – A more traditional setting design, the three stone puts the central gem in between two outside gems of the same or lesser size.
  8. Compass points – This setting holds very securely the gem with 4 metal prongs each facing North, South, East, or West.

Each of these unique setting styles has benefits and each looks very different, appealing to individual ideas of beauty. Taking time to consider the ring you are getting to represent your one and forever partner is important. At Grand Jewelers, we want to help you with this process. Feel free to contact us through our website, or stop in at our St. Thomas or St. Maarten locations. Ask us any questions you have about jewelry in general and engagement rings in particular.



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