The Hook Company – A Legend of Love and Island Spirit

The Hook Company – A Legend of Love and Island Spirit

July 25, 2016

At Grand Jewelers, we hold our collection of bracelets from the Hook Company very close to our hearts. With a story that stands the test of time, The Hook Company jewelry represents love, faith, trust, and hope. Each bracelet and ring in this amazing collection is simple in look and classic in taste. The Hook Company signifies the history of the islands of St. Thomas, St. Maarten, and all of the Caribbean. Owning a piece of their jewelry is a beautiful way to have your own island memento.

The story behind the Hook Bracelet goes back centuries, to the islanders living in the Caribbean long ago. There are said to be three main stories behind the hook, with three integrated themes. The first tale states that when the hook is worn pointed up toward your heart, there is someone who has your love. Should you wear the hook facing away from your heart, this signifies that your love is available for the taking. The second tale has to do more with luck than love. In this version, by wearing the hook facing upwards, you are keeping your luck close to you, whereas having the hook facing downwards shows that you are open to good luck coming to you when you are in need of some.

Finally, the third and most legendary story of all is a combination of the first two. Often, men native to the Caribbean would be required to go out to see to hunt for fish or to deliver goods to other lands. This was a main source of work and how many men supported their families. While their husbands or sons or fathers were gone, women would wear the hook of their bracelet facing down, leaving the open end pointed away from their heart. This gesture was one of love being sent to their loved ones, no matter how far away they were. This was also believed to send luck and faith out to sea toward their loved ones to bring them home safe from their long and arduous journey. Then, when the ship was expected home, the women would turn the hook inward, toward themselves, to ensure a quick and safe return.

The Hook Company designs sold at Grand Jewelers are some of our favorite pieces of jewelry. We carry the classic bracelet in black Titanium, chocolate Titanium, rose Titanium, silver Titanium, and of course, the original silver Titanium with a gold shackle. We also sell two versions of The Hook Company ring, one in silver Titanium and one in silver Titanium with a gold shackle. This simple and heartfelt collection is a classic. Contact us at Grand Jewelers today to get your own piece of island history.

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