Hello, my Grand Family!

My name is Kamal Punjabi, but I am affectionately known as Mickey. I was born on 23rd November 1972 in Mumbai, India. I came to the beautiful island ???? of Sint Maarten in 1995, but unfortunately encountered Hurricane Luis and returned to Mumbai shortly thereafter. September 20th 1996 was the day I began my Grand journey by joining the Grand family.

From the very beginning, it really has been a family affair here at Grand Jewelers; not just with the team but also with our customers. Sint Maarten has been my home for the past 25 years and I still think of it as the paradise I came to all those years ago. I was lucky enough to meet my fiancée Kamla here on the island. It has been a pleasure to work for Grand for the past 25 years. I will always think of Grand Jewelers as the standard to which we should all run a business and treat our customers like royalty by always going the extra mile to make their shopping experience a memorable one.

Thank you!


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