04 - Testimonials

We are introduced to Grand Jewelers of St Thomas and Navine 25 years ago. His store has become the "must stop" of our family cruises. We have purchased extraordinary diamonds, emeralds, blue diamonds, watches and all stones in between and never once have we been anything but thrilled. We have had pieces appraised back in the States only to find out we got an extraordinary value. Each piece is designed by Grand Jewelers do you will not see your ring in the mall when you get back home. We have had a few instances where stones have fallen out only to find Grand Jewelers service after the sale to their service during the sale. We FedEx (at the store's expense) the piece; it is repaired and shipped back within a week, no questions asked. Navine's honesty and character is the only thing that surpasses his expertise as a jeweler! Just recently Navin graciously designed my daughters engagement ring to her specifications and the Grooms budget. Grand Jewelers is just that - Grand!