07 - Testimonial

I have been a customer of Grand Jewelers since 1994 since my first cruise to the U.S. Virgin Islands. My first purchase was a beautiful tanzanite and diamond ring which I still wear over 20 years later. The stones are just as beautiful as there were the day I purchased. Every time I wear my ring, I get many compliments and people always ask where I purchased the ring. They always say, I know you did not purchase this ring in the United States as nothing compares. I am very proud to say I purchased at Grand Jewelers in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Since 1994, I have purchased diamond earring jackets, a platinum wedding band, diamond eternity bands, and aquamarine and diamond earrings. I have never been disappointed with the quality or the service I have received from Grand Jewelers. I have mainly dealt with Raj, but I cannot say enough good compliments about the entire staff at Grand Jewelers. They are always willing to offer assistance and go the extra mile to please a customer. From the first time I walked into Grand Jewelers, they were helpful in dealing with me face-to-face. However, even on-line and telephone sales have been great. Their prices are amazing and their one-of-a-kind designs are breathtaking and item you will not see again.

I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of their products, their prices, and their customer service. I highly recommend Grand Jewelers to anyone looking for amazing jewelry at great prices along with wonderful customer service.

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