Bering Automatic Men’s Watch – Matte Silver

Product Code: 19441-707


“Automatic | silver brushed,Imagine being able to make time move like the waves make the sea move, by propelling time with a gentle movement of your arm and transferring your energy to it. Your arm movement is enough and a rotor tensions the spring in small steps, while the so-called bridge – a slip clutch – prevents this tension spring from winding up too much. This spring is always evenly tensioned and guarantees smooth operation. Such a complex timepiece normally takes up a lot of space. Not so with BERING. The automatic movement allows for a flat design and combines the typical BERING characteristics into a perfect, masculine symbiosis: Danish minimalism, purist elegance and timeless beauty. Looking at the colorful dial, it evokes memories of the colorful facades of the Scandinavian houses in Greenland.

Glass material: sapphire glass flat
Watch: vending machine
Case length: 48mm
Strap material: stainless steel strap with stainless steel elements
Water resistance: 10 ATM

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