A Glimpse of the Glam: Red Carpet 2018

A Glimpse of the Glam: Red Carpet 2018

January 19, 2018

The Oscars are rapidly approaching, and it’s time to assess the jewelry stage. At Grand Jewelers, exquisite jewelry is our passion, and we’re always on the lookout for inspired trends and tips. This winter, we’re taking our cues from the Golden Globes red carpet, where glinty necklaces, chandelier earrings, and elegant bangles set the stage for another sparkling year. Read on for a peek at what this year’s Oscars’ lineup might have in store.

Oodles of Diamonds

This year’s Golden Globe Awards has us on the edge of our seats – at least where jewelry is concerned. Viola Davis looked stunning in a simple black dress alongside masses of Harry Winston diamonds. Her swath of necklaces highlighted the elegant lines of her dress – and accented her gorgeous halo of hair. Find a similar look at Grand Jewelers, here.


Keep it Simple

Kerry Washington was radiant in a black sequined tube dress alongside simple silver earrings – which just goes to show that more isn’t always better! Her eyes and skin were luminous against the minimalist backdrop of asymmetrical earrings, which fell to just above her collarbone. We love the way the silver peeked out from behind her black hair, leaving room for the imagination to run wild. For a similar look, we adore this pair, by Love’s Crossing.

Go Classic

Salma Hayek blew partygoers away with her classic approach to the Golden Globes. Chunky Harry Winston earrings were paired alongside a gleaming, gold-accented diamond necklace – and her choice of a black mock-neck dress ensured that her jewels were the stars of the show. We’re crazy about Hayek’s classic, elegant styling, which illuminated her features and set her skin aglow. For a similar look, consider a simple, diamond-accented pair of yellow gold earrings alongside a simple bar necklace.

Let the Sparkle Steal the Show

We’re always awed by Oprah Winfrey’s ever-evolving style, which always looks glamorous without ever seeming over-the-top. Enchanting diamond teardrop earrings are just right alongside smoky eyes and a nude mouth. A black off-the-shoulder gown draws the eye to the diamonds, which light up Winfrey’s look effortlessly. We’re over the moon about chandelier earrings, including this radiant pair by Hearts on Fire.

Don’t Be Afraid to Play!

We love the way Emma Watson shook things up at the Golden Globes – mismatched earrings and minimal cosmetics adds a fresh, youthful element to her style. Two tiny studs in the right ear were counterbalanced with a single dangling earring on the left – and a matte red mouth illuminated her expressive eyes and aquiline nose. Watson wasn’t afraid to hide her freckles – or her flair, which attracted attention from around the world. A jaunty bang added an extra-special element to her look. For cute, simple, and timeless studs alongside earrings of a danglier variety, look no further than Grand Jewelers.

The Oscars come around but once a year – and at Grand Jewelers, we wait with bated breath for the latest red-carpet looks. We predict a year filled with shimmer and shine – and we hope to be pleasantly surprised by the unexpected, as well. Happy Oscars from the Grand Jewelers family!


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