CITIZEN was founded in the year of 1930, and since then, has maintained a multi-culturally oriented view, breeding creative products made with excellent quality. Citizens all over the world recognize CITIZEN as a company of the people, with a solid appreciation for craftsmanship, supported by a name that lives up to the respect deserved. Each of us must be that responsible “citizen” and use positive change and evolutionary progress in every moment of our art. Whatever may come, we are prepared to live up to this mission, happily and confidently. From the initial steps of making individual component pieces to the final creation of a complete assembled watch, CITIZEN utilizes a comprehensive process of manufacturing and really is a manufacture d’horlogerie. Thinking beyond the current boundaries of technology and anchoring our concepts in experience are the tools of the approach to uncovering new and exciting possibilities.

One landmark breakthrough invention for CITIZEN was the light-driven watch. CITIZEN’s innovation in 1976 of this engineered icon was way ahead of the competitors and peers and helped pave the way to the 1995 launch of the Eco-Drive. This watch turned normal powering techniques on their head by being able to use converted electrical power found in any type of light source. With no further need for batteries, the Eco-Drive opened an important road to areas of the world in which obtaining batteries was a real challenge, or even impossibility. This alone made it possible for citizens all over the world to partake in the luxury of wearing a CITIZEN watch and being able to use its power. Taking cutting-edge, unique, technological advances and combining them with sleek, beautiful perfection design schemes is a natural outcome from “The Fusion of Technology and Beauty” product development policy—endeavor to be your best self at all times.

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