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Changing the Face of Watch Technology—A Citizen Watch is a Watch for the People

October 17, 2016

Grand Jewelers is a company of the people, and we believe that our Citizen watch collection truly represents this cause. Started in 1930, Citizen has always branded itself as exactly what it wants to support—citizenship. The foundation on which this company stands is one of progressiveness and positive change. They take every step of the manufacturing process and incorporate technology and innovation in ways that are both unique and useful. We carry each of our Citizens watches with pride, and believe they should be worn the same way.

The light-driven watch, developed during the mid-70s, was an enormous step for artisanship meeting practicality. Specifically, Eco-Drive, which was released in 1995, allows any light source to create electrical power. This incredible development changed the face of watches everywhere. Eliminating the need for batteries opened up the availability of Citizen watches, and all watches using this technology, to areas throughout the world without regular access to such resources. This breakthrough completely changed the face of marketing and brought Citizen watches to a wider audience, and a more expansive source of citizens.

Beyond the practical applicability of each Citizens watch, every one displays true craftsmanship and beauty. Every watch is created from individual components that are perfect in design and elegant in appearance. Citizen truly believes that there is always a better standard to set and a more beneficial advancement to make. Grand Jewelers is honored to carry watches made with such ambition and grace.

As a business, we firmly believe in the quality and mission of Citizens watches, and as citizens, we fully support their sincere efforts and beautiful results. Contact us today to hear more about the Citizens watches we carry and to learn more about the technology they created.


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