Luminox Watches at Grand Jewelers

Luminox, Reliably Lighting the Way for Years

June 14, 2016

The Luminox watch collection sold at Grand Jewelers is a one of a kind brand with a backbone built on innovation and quality. Founded in 1989, Luminox harnesses the power of a self-powered illumination system developed by the Swiss. These first-class sports watches are designed to provide visibility and radiance in any situation, whether light or dark.

The breakthrough moment for Luminox watches was the development and release of the Navy SEAL watch in 1993. Perfect for any scenario that a Navy Seal might encounter, the Luminox watch proved itself to be reliable and unmatched by others in the watch market. These watches are durable in all environments and dependable for years. Sold in more than 30 countries, the precise design of these watches has been confirmed as the product of choice for many. How do they do it? Tritium is used in place of the more typical phosphorescence, and as this element goes through natural decay, it becomes illuminated.

Beyond the quality and innovation of their product, Luminox designs truly elegant and classy watches. Whether you prefer steel linked bands, leather bands, or PU straps, Grand Jewelers has a Luminox watch for everyone. We offer a range of colors, designs, and styles, and can help you find the Luminox watch that will serve you best in your life. We carry the classic Navy Seal designs along with other watches “authorized for Navy use.” Luminox watches range from more the classy, sophisticated look of steel and other metals to the smooth, sturdy look of carbon sport watches. Luminox has carefully built a watch for everyone, and now you can check out their newest technology at Grand Jewelers.

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