St. Thomas Earrings

Grand Jewelers St. Thomas earrings are something special. We have a beautiful selection of stud, hoop, and dangling earrings. The St. Thomas earrings come with classic white diamonds as well as colored diamonds, like blue, black, brown, green and more. We also have climber earrings with white gold or yellow gold, pendant teardrop designs with various types of gold holding gorgeous rubies, emeralds, sapphires, tanzanite, and diamonds. St. Thomas Grand Jewelers takes the timeless look of earrings and raises it to a new level.

St. Thomas earring sets each have individuality and class. We offer gorgeous stud earrings that have a simpler look with just one central diamond or jewel, as well as more complex ones with a centrally set gem surrounded by smaller outside diamonds. The range of colors and designs expands into the metalwork that holds the gem in place. Additionally, St Thomas sells dangling pendant earrings and climber earrings in a range of designs. Our pendant designs stand out in a crowd and are made with care and customization. Starting with a base of white, yellow, or rose gold, these earrings can features singular or multiple jewels. The pendant earrings at St. Thomas might mix classic white diamonds with brown, black, or blue diamonds, they might set the diamonds in a classic circular shape or a pave setting. We mount floating diamonds in beautiful molds and use prong set designs to create a more modern look. Some St. Thomas earrings even come with a multicolor gemstone look. No matter the set, color, or vibe you desire, the St. Thomas earring collection will have a choice that suits you.

The St. Thomas earring collection is designed to make anyone proud to walk around with them in their ears. Whether looking for an elaborate earring to make a statement or a simpler stud to show class and fashion sense, the St. Thomas earring collection has the pair for you. We at Grand Jewelers pride ourselves on the range and perfection of each of our St. Thomas earring sets. Stop in or contact us today to learn more about what we offer.

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