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Artful Design with Unconventional Flair—The Roberto Demeglio Collection is Here.

August 26, 2016

Roberto Demeglio is a name that represents family tradition and beauty in excellence. Grand Jewelers is happy to announce the arrival of Roberto Demeglio jewelry. This line of jewelry is exceptionally unique and fanciful in design. Little about these pieces is conventional, and every aspect shines with artful brilliance. With rings, bangles, necklaces and earrings housed in this collection, everyone is bound to find a particular twist on the Demeglio work that resonates with them.

Back in 1922 Roberto Demeglio’s grandfather Giuseppe opened up a jewelry store in Turin, Italy, and a family business of skilled jewelry making was born. Roberto’s father Celestino carried on the tradition in Sempione, Italy. Then, in 1984, Roberto took the reigns to his family’s empire and opened up a jewelry store of his own. With a background of excellent training from Cellini Art School and a natural passion for design, Roberto Demeglio has grown famous for the unique style and technology used for each piece of jewelry he creates.

Grand Jewelers is thrilled to offer our valued customers the outstanding selection of Demeglio jewelry. With authenticity that surpasses all else, artistic flair adorning every detail, and passionate creativity colored by tradition, this collection will take your breath away. Every ring, earring, bracelet, bangle, and necklace is special. These pieces make a statement, and we would love to help you find the right one. Roberto has customized his brand with unconventional and eclectic designs, and the movement and flexibility to spin, bend, and twist is stunning. Check out the Roberto Demeglio line of jewelry at Grand Jewelers today, and take a journey through the amazing artwork of it all.

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