How to Surprise a Loved One with a Jewelry Gift that They Love from Grand Jewelers

How to Surprise a Loved One with a Jewelry Gift that They Love

November 1, 2018

Buying your loved one jewelry is maybe the most classic way to show how much you care. It is hard to fail when getting a jewelry gift for the person you adore. But after choosing a piece that they will love, how do you truly surprise them? At Grand Jewelers, we love jewelry, and even more, we love being a part of giving a gift that represents love and puts a smile on someone’s face. We understand it is not always easy to figure out how to surprise your loved one to really show you care, so we are here to give you a few helpful ideas.

There are an infinite number of ways in which to surprise your loved one with a gift. One option is to involve a surprise person to deliver the jewelry. While your partner might be expecting a gift from you, they might be wonderfully caught off guard when it comes from someone completely unexpected. You could have your pet, a mutual friend, a beloved family member, or even an employee at your favorite local coffee shop present the jewelry. Another option is to mask the actual jewelry in some type of fake packaging. Your loved one could think they are opening a new blender or some new clothes, but instead they find diamond earrings or a snazzy silver watch. You can always set up a scavenger hunt that leads to your gift. You might include any romantic spots you have gone to, favorite restaurants, or locations of meaningful memories. Alternatively, you can skip the giving all together and hide your jewelry gift in a place your loved one will find it unexpectedly. Just when they are not paying attention, they will be struck by some beautiful jewelry.

When you are giving the gift of jewelry to your loved one, there is no bad way to do it. However, the more fun you have with planning a surprise, the more fun it will be for them! Truly show how much you care by going the extra step to make sure your loved one is really surprised. At Grand Jewelers, we love surprises, and we love love! Stop in today and talk to our staff about any ideas they have to help you give a jewelry gift to someone you love.

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