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The Classic Diamond with a Beautiful Twist: Colored Diamonds and How They are Made

February 23, 2016

The Classic Diamond with a Beautiful Twist - Grand Jewelers

There is nothing more classic in jewelry than the diamond. Here at Grand Jewelers, we work with their beauty each and every day. Commonly known white diamonds are in themselves an amazing product made by natural processes. Essentially, carbon is put under an extreme amount of pressure deep within the Earth until it forms a diamond, which is then transported up to Earth’s surface through kimberlite, where it can be harvested. Now, somewhat lesser well-known, are colored diamonds. That’s right, diamonds actually come in a range of colors. This happens when foreign particles get caught up in the process mentioned above, resulting in a chemical alteration of the crystallization that occurs. Colored diamonds can also be made when there are changes in the pressure exerted or radiation level deep in the Earth’s surface. This entire process is an amazing collaboration of number of variables that must be in line for certain colors to appear.

A range of colors and hues can result depending on what particles and minerals are introduced, whether pressure is decreased or increased, and what the level of radiation present was during the formation of the diamond. The outcome every time is a unique, beautiful, natural jewel. Intense pressure and heat that distort the chemical make up having to do with green light result in variants of pink, red, and brown diamonds. Blue and gray diamonds occur when boron is mixed in. When diamonds in the making are close to the surface of the Earth, extra radiation levels cause a green color to emerge. Violet and purple diamonds also naturally occur, although the cause is lesser known. Finally, whenever nitrogen is introduced during the formation of a diamond, that diamond will turn a yellow or orange hue.

Known for it’s elegance, it’s toughness, and it’s natural formation, the classic diamond is an amazing jewel from beginning to end. Beyond just that, this beautiful rock can also be found in a range of colors. Colored diamonds are awe-inspiring and gorgeous. The process that makes these unique gems is just as amazing as the outcome, and we at Grand Jewelers want to share our appreciation.

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